Some web site features are presently functioning incorrectly. The issue is being actively investigated and a solution will be implemented as soon as possible. The following features are impacted and should be considered unreliable for navigation until a solution is implemented:

Until the issues have been addressed, you are advised to use the raim prediction XML web service to check your flight plan for coverage. Some features, such as outages.dat and the outage summary graphics, are available at the SAPT TEST website at


All services currently hosted at are being migrated to the web site. When the migration is complete all services currently hosted at will be discontinued. (Note that this will also affect all variations of, including:, and

The web site currently hosts the ADS-B Service Availability Prediction Tool (SAPT), a service that is similar in concept to the RAIM prediction service but does not focus on either RAIM or the FAA Order AC90-100A. Going forward, this site will host both the ADS-B prediction service and the RAIM prediction service.

The new web site, with integrated RAIM prediction services, will be operational soon. A test web site is presently available for use at:

New users may find the 'Getting Started' page for RAIM to be useful.

Getting Started with RAIM SAPT

Please note that the new web site will host the automated, XML-based web service for RAIM route-of-flight predictions. However, the RAIM interactive flight planning form will be discontinued. More information about the XML web service is available at:

RAIM XML Service

For more information or help with specific issues, and for subscribing to our announcement mailing list, please contact the SAPT Help Desk by e-mail:

SAPT Help Desk

You may alternately use the convenient online feedback form:

SAPT Feedback

Current Status: There is at least one Enroute or Terminal TSO-C129 outage

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** For AC90-100A Compliance, Non-Precision Approaches do not require a RAIM Prediction.

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